Changes needed with Inequality Constraints (on pages 130-131) for safeArea update

Because the newer safeArea way of doing things works a little different than the Superview’s margin way of doing things, you need to alter how you complete the steps on page 130 and 131. Otherwise, the text of the label in Double-Length Pseudolanguage will not flow to a second line.

degrees Fahrenheit.Leading will stay Greater Than or Equal to safeArea.Leading. degrees Fahrenheit.Trailing will need to be Less Than or Equal to safeArea.Trailing instead of what is documented in the book, due to changes in iOS 11.0.

When you are changing the .Trailing constraints in the Attributes Inspector, you may need to select Reverse First and Second Item from the First Item drop down menu in order to read the constraints a bit more easily. See screenshot below:


Additionally, here is a screenshot of the degrees Fahrenheit.Trailing constraint settings. This is once all the other directions (from page 131) for the labels have already been completed:

Similar changes need to be made for the other labels you are asked to add constraints for on page 131.

P.S. Don’t change the constraints on the text field during this exercise! It will just give you a headache…

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