Chapter 12 Is WebShim not needed for now? -same with Silver Challenge

after I completed Chapter12 Silver exercise and done the next after-silver one: “Integrate WebShim polyfill to made up validation support in Safari browsers”

  • I found that nothing changes in Safari:

It seems that now Constraint Validation API is supported, since late 2016 and up to now,
and use of webShim (“polyfill”?) is not needed or is useless now to get support for Constraint Validation API in Macos iOS Safari
and now it is supported in all browsers.

this URL recommended in the book to test the supported features.

here it says “Living standard”

Am I missing something?? Do we need to use WebShim for Safari?

You are correct. The shim is no longer needed for Safari. When the book was written several years ago the shim was necessary.