Chapter 3 Lifecycle Programming issues

I am having an issue trying to make the lifecycle code work. First the editor complains about the Override statement, The corrections are not acceptable. I have seen this code in other projects and the @override was ok. So I commented them out and the program build was fine and the app ran as expected but nothing happened with the debugging. I noticed this error: “Can’t bind to local 8614 for debugger”. The code is in the right place.

Can anyone help? Nick

Hi Nick,

The editor’s complaints about the override annotation are an indication of a problem. When you add the @Override annotation, you are telling the compiler to complain if you are not actually overriding a super class method. Try adding one of the annotations back and seeing what the error message says. I bet there is a typo in the name of the method(s).

Feel free to post some of your code here for me to check out.