Chat messages not getting styled

Nearing the end of chattrbox, but having problems with the message output. No css styles seem to be getting applied to the messages and the Gravatar is not appearing. The output looks like a simple list with bullets on the messages. They’re also all on the left side of the message list.

Screenshot of output:

Below is a codepen showing my app.js, dom.js, ws-client.js and index.js. All of them are in the JS window, separated by commented lines.

Way to go @imameatball! A few things: first, I think this line is missing from dom.js, though it’s unlikely to be the real culprit:


Second, check the Elements panel to see the DOM structure and fiddle with it to see if you can get the styles to apply correctly—I’ll bet one class name or nesting is off. Grab a screenshot and post here if you need another set of :eyes:

Hope that helps!