Checkboxes in table and popup button

I have nstableview (viewbased) with checkboxeses and also nspopupbutton. When I change the items in nspopupbutton my nstableview changes the content. When in the application I switch ON some checkboxes in the current view of table, and then I change the view of table by changing the item in nspopupbutton, then I have problem with the checkboxes. First they appear, that I don’t wont, second positions of these ONstate checkboxes in new view of table is always changing when I change the view by clicking the item in nspopupbutton. I have no idea what is going on. Any advice will be helpful. Is there way to switch OFF automatically all checkboxes when user changing the view of table by changing the item in nspopupbutton. What I am missing to deal with checkboxes in the table ?