CrimeFragment: Error: An operation is not implemented: Not yet implemented

I have this code in crimeFragment, all runs okey until


This generates this error

kotlin.NotImplementedError: An operation is not implemented: Not yet implemented at$onStart$titleWatcher$1.beforeTextChanged(CrimeFragment.kt:116)
I thought it is about the ViewModel version because i hook it up like this

private val crimeDetailViewModel : CrimeDetailViewModel by lazy { ViewModelProvider(this).get( }

but this same way i use with the crimelist and it is pulling data as needed
private val crimeListViewModel: CrimeListViewModel by lazy { ViewModelProvider(this).get( }

I/CrimeListFragment: Got Crimes 100

I tried to debug it. I found that it gets the crimeID correctly… but getting the crime to be displayed using the load function crimeDetailViewModel.loadCrime(crimeId) generated that error…

I was advised to remove the TODOs and this is it…
it worked…
why i didn’t give me any error before?