Debugging Bindings Tip

When you see the following message in the console, select the key (in this case “isO”) and copy it to the clipboard.

In the navigator pane, select Search, set up the search to Find>Text>Matching, paste the offending key into the search field and press Enter. The found item will look like

File’s Owner: Ib Searchable Binding Connections = “enabled: isO”[/quote]

Click the found item in the Search Pane. Xcode will switch the Utilities Pane to Utilities/Connections and briefly highlight the misspelled binding under Referencing Bindings. If you missed it or have many bindings and only saw the yellow flash out of the corner of your eye, you may Command-click the above message to deselect it, then click it again while watching the Utilities/Connections Pane more closely.

Mouse over the misspelled binding in the Utilities/Connections Pane. Xcode will highlight the object containing the binding. Select the object, switch to the Utilities/Bindings Pane, locate the misspelled binding and correct it.

Note: when selecting the object, click it only once. If you click it a second time, you will select the object’s cell. The binding applies to the object, not to the object’s cell; you will not see the binding if you select the cell. Try clicking twice to select the cell to see the different appearance when the cell is selected.

Great tip!

I have learned a lot of things from your posts here.