DoWhileLoop and "Continue"

Hi everyone. I don’t understand why the code below doesn’t work.

I am expecting:

Checking i = 1 Checking i = 2 Checking i = 4 Checking i = 5 Checking i = 7 Checking i = 8 Checking i = 10 The answer is 10.

But I get only:

while the program runs no-stop.

My code is:

[code]#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc, const char * argv[]) {

printf(“DO-WHILE Loop\n”);
int x = 0;
if (x % 3 == 0)
printf(“Checking i = %d\n”, x);
if (x + 90 == x * x)
} while (x < 12);
printf(“The answer is %d.\n”, x);

return 0;


The problem is at the top - you set x = 0 initially.

Then, inside the loop, you continue if x % 3 == 0. the continue keyword causes the code to jump back to the top of the loop immediately.

The result is that the line that increments x (at the bottom of the loop) is never reached, so x never increments, so the loop never stops running, and x stays zero forever.

One potential way to fix the problem would be to keep 0 as the initial value of x, but to move the x++; to the top of the loop, to guarantee that x always increments regardless of what else happens in the loop.

Or, if you want 0 to be checked by the conditionals in the loop, -1 could be the initial value.

Alright. I get your point.
I will put the value of x as -1.

Happy coding!