Ember "new" taking a VERY long time

Chapter 19, page 372:

"Create a new Ember app called tracker:

ember new tracker

Creating a Ember application may take a few minutes"

So far this command has been running for over 24 hours and created a few gigs of data.

Hi @jhamlett, any chance you’re running this on a network drive? When ember new runs npm install, it can take an unbelievable amount of time if the project is being created on a networked folder.

No, but I was running it on a thumb drive. I’ll try it on a local drive.

I ran the ‘ember new tracker’ command from a local directory and got the following error message during the process:

@jhamlett hmm, try running bower install and make sure that error occurs again.

If it does, try this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37920349/request-to-https-bower-herokuapp-com-packages-ember-cli-test-loader-failed-se

(though I wouldn’t make a habit of turning off https :slight_smile: )