Errata: page 133, duplicated sentence

In the bottom of page 133,
the following sentence must be removed.
Because the same sentence exists in the top of the same page.

The read-only nature of the list has nothing to do with the val or var keyword you used to define
the list variable. Changing the variable declaration for patronList from val (as it is defined now) to
var would not change the list from read-only to writable. Instead, you would be able to reassign the
patronList variable to hold a new, different list. -> Duplicated sentence

List mutability is defined by the type of the list and refers to whether you can modify the elements in
the list. When you need to be able to modify the elements in a list, use a MutableList. Otherwise, it is
a good idea to restrict mutability by using List.

Thank you for your nice book.

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Another great catch. Thank you!