Fatal error in updateButtons()

The application was working fine up until the point I added the updateButtons() function, now I get a fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value message when launching the app. If I remove updateButtons() from windowDidLoad, the app launches but crashes with same message after hitting the speak button.

AM I missing something? Did something change in Swift after publication? I’m running xCode 6.3.2.


Never mind. Double checked my connections and noticed I forgot to set the button outlets. :blush:

I forget to make one connection all the time.

What’s frustrating me is that after upgrading from Xcode 6.2 to Xcode 6.3.2 the @IBOutlets declared in MainWindowController.swift often times have an empty circle to the left(meaning they are unconnected)–even though I have connected them and the app runs fine. So, now when I see an empty circle it doesn’t immediately signal that I forgot a connection–because all the circles are empty lots of the time.

The reverse also happens, I can type in a completely new @IBOutlet variable, and by the time I am done typing the line, Xcode will show a filled in circle to the left of the variable declaration. What the???