Flickr API search returned url_s but 503 error displaying image

Flickr API Search returned the right JSON data with perfect url_s, but when the url is used to displaydownload the image it returned 503 response.
Is there a fix with this?

If the url_s is copied and pasted to web browser, the image downloaded fine.

The 503 error normally means that the backend servers are unavailable: 503 Service Unavailable - HTTP | MDN

Maybe Flickr was performing maintenance on part of its APIs when you were testing your code. Can you try again? And if you are still experiencing issues, can you copy/paste your code for the PhotoListAdapter.kt file here?

Hi there Bryan,
The 503 response only for some images, while some others loaded fine. I dont really sire what happen there.

But the problem solved when using Glide. All the images loaded fine to the recyclerview.