GNUstep crosscompiler and NSArrays


First and foremost, thank you Mr. Hillegass and Mr. Ward for an excellent primer for Objective C programming.

I do not possess an Apple laptop or desktop machine, so I’m relying on a Windows OS PC to compile the learning objectives. I’m using the GNUstep cross compiler found here (MSYS/CORE/DEVL) : [color=#4000FF][/color]

I’m able to compile Obj C code and finish the chapter challenges in short order until I reach CH 17 - Arrays. When attempting to compile the first snippet of NSDates assigned to the NSArray, I receive this error from the MINGW32 shell :

[color=#40BF40] error: stray ‘@’ in program
error: expected ‘:’ before ‘]’ token

I suspect the GNU cross-compiler isn’t updated to the v10.x required to parse the ‘@’ in the line : [color=#4000FF]NSArray* dateList = @[now, tomorrow, yesterday];[/color]

Can someone please confirm if this is the case and if there’s a remedy available?

Thank you