Has this book been abandoned?

It seems none of its creators are interested in this book anymore.

The last time any of the authors have visited this forum was almost 2 months ago and yet ‘support’ on Twitter suggested they are eager to hear any improvement suggestions or errata posted in this forum.

The book is in a very sad state as it is the only book I know that has not been updated to Swift 2.0 (Just check out any of the books by Chris Eidhof, Florian Kugler,…) and has tons of errors in it that have not been fixed. (Sorry but providing a separate text file with corrections is not fixing. Updating the ebook would be)

Not updating for Swift 2.0 is something that can be reasoned about because it takes effort and time but then again, it has mostly been done for the separate text file anyway.
Fixing errors … there’s really no excuse because a simple copy paste from the text file would improve the experience for anyone with the iBooks version 100fold.

If anyone at Big Nerd Ranch would care to elaborate on the status of the book, or how/if they are planning to fix the many errors (updating the errata document would be a start but seriously not enough) that would be great.

The authors have posted an update for Swift 2.0. You can find the link for it at http://forums.bignerdranch.com/viewtopic.php?f=512&t=10109.

Have you actually read my post, or the one you linked to? Specifically the date it was posted?