Have a problem to read arguments of Fragment

page 226-227 (Russion version)

Class CrimeFragment extends Fragment {
public void onCreate(){
 UUID crimeId = (UUID) getArguments().getSerializable(CONST); //==> there is mistake 
                                                     because we read arguments before they were setting;

 public static CrimeFragment newInstance(){
   Bundle args = new bundle();
  CrimeFragment fragment = new CrimeFragment();
  fragment.setArguments(args);           //=>> we here setting arguments but not onCreate 
  return fragment;


------------- Solved ----------------
I create global variable in class CrimeFragment and assign argument from CrimeActivity.

I know it’s not good idea, because if there were many parametrs from CrimeActivity we must to add variable or create array.

Is there other way for this case?