Help needed!


Hi all,

So at the final challenge of the book, and I really want to get cracking with it, but I don’t understand the question! Can someone help?

If someone can tell me how “4 Puma 9 Jeep 3 Sony 5 Fuji” equates to 53ec306f then that would be a start! Also, it says the leftmost 3 bits of each byte will be a digit “between 2 and 9 inclusive” - I thought a bit only stores 0 and 1?

Very confused - any help much appreciated!




That means the value of the 3-bit number, but a 3-bit number can only go up to 7 not to 9.


Thanks for the reply ibex10 - I see your point, but yeah surely that would mean the value would need to be between 2-7 (also, if these are leftmost 3 bits wouldn’t they have to multiply to 128, 64 and 32?)

Really stumped on this one. Anyone else who has completed this task that can help?


I finally understand now - I have to add 2 to the number given by those 3 bits (0-7) so that the range is between 2-9. Simple really! :unamused:

Now to solve the challenge!