Help with spacing in Autolayout

I am having an issue with equal spacing between labels and buttons in this chapter. I have followed every step correctly, and end up with all of my constraints being blue (which it says means it is correct). However, my items are still not evenly spaced. The objects are spaced exactly as I had placed them to begin with, and the spaces between each object are still not equal. Have I somehow missed a step? Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Hi shuck5,
This is a tough issue to help with without seeing the code and storyboard. I would recommend rereading the section in chapter 1 about the beginnings of AutoLayout. Specifically pay close attention to the section about figure 1.20. That is the section that deals with the “Add new constraints” Autolayout button. It’s the one that looks like a Star Wars Tie Fighter.
If I understand your issue completely the problem may be setting the horizontal constraint for all the buttons and labels.
There is no harm in redoing the entire chapter again. Remember persistence will pay off.

If you are using a Macbook’s display when building to a 7 Plus simulator, make sure you scale the simulator down to 75% (cmd + 2) or less. You’ll know it’s a simulator window scaling issue if the iPhone status bar is missing in the sim.

7 Plus Simulator window at 100% scale

7 Plus Simulator window at 75% scale

Hope this helps!