How to exchange xcode projects on forum


Is it possible to exchange complete xcode projects (.xcodeproj, .h, .m, .xib, etc) which have been archived in a single .ZIP file on this forum? It seems like it might be occasionally convenient to send a project with problems to another forum user so that they could help you diagnose the problem.

I might have just missed how to do this on the forum but I didn’t see a way to attach a .ZIP file to a posting. I have seen how to insert code snippets but I want more since the problem could be a more complicated interaction between files in the project. When configuring my profile, I have noticed that there is a way to turn off the ability for other registered users to send me private e-mail but I haven’t seen a way on this forum to actually send one of these private e-mail messages. I could see private messages being disabled for privacy reasons. If there was a way to send private e-mail then a potential helper could post a message to the forum telling another user that they are willing to help offline through private e-mail where such files could be exchanged and then the final solution to the problem posted to the forum for other interested users to read.

Thanks for the help!


It seems that file attachments are disabled.

However, there are many free file-hosting sites out there that will let you host your .zip files, then you can just post your links within your post.

Just to name a few: