How to find libraries where specific function is housed


I’m currently processing the second edition of the objective c book.

  1. How do I find the #include statement of a specific function. I have a poor memory and forget those include statements the moment I write them. So lets say I would like to use a BOOL type. I search BOOL in the api documentation and see this:

[quote]Type to represent a Boolean value.

typedef signed char BOOL;
BOOL is explicitly signed so @encode(BOOL) is c rather than C even if -funsigned-char is used.

For values, see “Boolean Values”.

Import Statement[/quote]

Not that useful. Same thing goes with math functions or any other standard procedure. Due to this “threshold” of finding the right include statement I tend to find bad workarounds or start googling which makes me detract from whatever problem I had in front of me. I’ve had this issue also when programming in other languages.

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