How to get started developing for macOS Sierra + Xcode 8 + Swift 3?


There’s a small side project I have in mind that I’d like to try coding as a Mac app.

Although I have lots of programming experience, my background is mainly on the server side, using C++ and altogether too much PHP. My experience with developing desktop-side UI is very, very limited. My experience with Objective C and Swift is of the “Hello, World!” variety.

There seem to be a few good basic intros to Swift 3, including Apple’s, but anything I’m finding along the lines of “How to develop for macOS” seems to be for OS X and either early versions of
Swift that Apple recommends not using or, worse, Objective C. Those Xcode 8 / Swift 3 resources that do exist seem uniformly directed toward app development for iOS.

Are there any good up-to-date introductions to / resources for writing macOS applications in Xcode 8 using Swift 3?

Thanks for any advice!

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