How to jump from break point to break point, and any help from this app being a blank screen would also be a major help

I have been using windows 8 writing the code through to chapter 12 fragment arguments with an exception of ViewModelProviders.of(this) being deprecated and fixed it ever thing was working fine
the crimes were populating the screen with the data
I got a windows 10 computer copied all my files and transferred them reinstalled android and ran the example and it appears that the only screen showing is the CrimeListFragment, first screen shows up intent keeps stopping I click close and then the second(blank) always shows up

I even tried running the example from AndroidProgramming4e 12th chapter doing the same thing except the first screen( intent stopping) doesn’t appear the blank screen still appears

i’m comming up with annotation message problems seems to be the culprit
in the newer updated versions and i got his from android developers

gradle settings from mycriminalintent:

gradle settings from bignerdcriminalintent:

tried to setup and fix errors/warnings in gradle
got annotation error
tried to fix

no errors or warnings still a blank screen
I placed break points in strategic parts of the app to see what its doing but it doesn’t jump from break point to break point it wants to go through evry line of code
if anybody has the same issue and resolved it please let me know and how do i get it to just jump from break point to break point
thanks for any help

I fixed the intent problem some how the CriminalIntentApplication.kt
package com.xxxxxxxxxxxx needed to be relinked into the package and i figured how to go directly to the next breakpoint still working on the blank screen seems that the gradle settings working as shown,i wished that google would stop updating deprecating like wild fire