How to save dates in text file to calendar

I am a beginner when it comes to Android programming, but I want to become more proficient with it. Currently, I am on chapter 5 of Android Programming “The Big Nerd Ranch Guide”. The best way for me to learn is to come up with a project and make it work.

My current personal project is to develop a mobile application that would accept input from the users on how often they get pay (e.g. weekly, biweekly, twice a month, monthly and so on) then calculate the pay dates and save them to the calendar. I realize this can be accomplished via a device calendar with repeat options. However, the intention of this project is for educational purpose and to prove to myself that I can develop a functional mobile application.

What is the question? I have no problem in creating the logic for calculating the pay dates, [color=#000000]but I have an extremely difficult time figuring how to save the dates back to the device calendar[/color]. Do you have any recommendation on techniques and approaches? Also, if you have a better ideas for learning how to program in Android, I am all ears.