I have no zoom and photo location in Africa

I don’t know why, but photo that should be near me actually is not.
Also whatever value I set instead of “margin” it doesn’t have any effect on the result.

I understood why it is happening.
The Flickr API returns 0.0 for both lat and lon, just because photo has no geo location.
The solution might be to check if photo has geo or not before save the result.
But there are very few photos has geo parameters on the Flickr, so looking for “right” variants might be exhausting.

Hello,I’am also a new developer reading this book. I have finished chapter of 34.Maps. But when I try to run the code, the mapView container show nothing but a google logo on the left bottom which is the same with your picture. So would mind sharing your complete project through email? I want to check if it is the problem of my code or it is google play-services version that does not match the latest version, or other problems like the crash of emulator.

Thank you for your help.

My email address: vinaeespickner@foxmail.com

i am in africa at end of chapter 34 .i also just get the "nothing but a google logo on the left bottom " .
thanks mulilo

I too have the same problem. Nothing shows on the emulator other than the Google logo on the left bottom.

Would it be possible to give us a list of items that cause the problem.I think I read somewhere that an image without location can cause the same problem.I am sure there are other basic problems apart from the obvious. Like including your key in the manifest. Thanks mulilo

You need to make sure:

  • the MockWalker app is running before opening your app

  • double check that you have not mixed up latitude and longitude such as here:

    private String buildUrl(Location loc){
    return ENDPOINT
    .appendQueryParameter(“lat”, “” + loc.getLatitude())
    .appendQueryParameter(“lon”, “” + loc.getLongitude())
    .appendQueryParameter(“radius”, “” + 32)

I had mine mixed up and it was not zooming in and just pointing to Antarctica

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I also added the radius query parameter as shown above to ensure I get more results just in case no picture is found within 5KM default range.