NSDayCalendarUnit - deprecated / release method

Hi there!

As of the latest release of OS X (version 10.10), I’ve noticed that units such as NSDayCalendarUnit (examples in Chapter 14 of Objective-C Programming) have been deprecated. I decided to go ahead and read the Apple’s Date and Time Programming Guide to get more information on the latest and came across some code that I would hope someone can help me with here. The question is related to memory management and here is the code:

NSDate *today = [[NSDate alloc] init];

// later... It is written
[today release];

Am I right in assuming that the release method has something to do with manual reference counting and that it is no longer necessary to use release?

Note: I’ve actually just found the answer to this question in the Transitioning to ARC reference guide. For those intereseted it is not allowed to use dealloc, retain, release, retainCount or autorelease in code that implements ARC.