NullPointerException When I clicked Add newCrime item

Please help me?
当我点击actionbar的add按钮的时候,出现java.lang.NullPointerException at com.edazh.criminalintent.CrimeFragment.onCreateView(
What should I do?


我找到解决方案了! I found the solution!
谢谢,请忽略这个话题,能删除吗?Thank you, please ignore this topic, can i delete this topic?
newCrime nullpointerexception

You can delete any topic you have created. To do this, click on the show more button (next to the edit this post button then click the delete button.

I do not see the Delete button

The problem is actually because you are not giving value to a particular element which is resulting to a null pointer. Be sure to give values to every element before you finally call them. Analyzing your code by using lint may help in figuring out this error too