P269 Adding permissions in Project info

Just below Figure 15.10, you are asked to add a new item and set its key to NSCameraUsageDescription. I couldn’t find NSCameraUsageDescription anywhere. I am using the latest Xcode version 8.2.
However, looking at Figure 15.11 which shows what we are trying to achieve, I see that one of the extra entries is ‘Privacy - Camera Usage Description’, and selecting this and entering the String text (“This app uses …”) does the trick.
Similarly , for the second addition choose ‘Privacy - Photo Library Usage Description’.

If you type NSCameraUsageDescription and NSCameraUsageDescription into the key cell, Xcode should automatically converts the key into the readable words you see after you hit “Enter” (i.e. “Privacy - Camera Usage Description” and “Privacy - Photo Usage Description”, respectively). Alternatively, you can scroll through the cell to look for those words, and the functionality should be the same.

The project uses Info.plist to read off these properties, and that’s where NSCameraUsageDescription and NSCameraUsageDescription (along with other variable-looking keys) are actually read, stored, and used.

You need to make a right click anywhere in the table and in the pop-up menu choose ‘Show Raw Keys/Values’