Page 150 - constraint to be deleted is vague

The last paragraph on page 150 states

Select the constraint that centers the X value of the Next Question button to the currentQuestionLabel and delete it.

There is no constraint that seems to relate these two under the View Constraints list. Eventually I figured the constraint being referred to is “Current Question Label.centerX = centerX”. The way it was phrased I was expecting some equality relationship between the Next Question button and Current Question Label.

I think the constraints page 150 is talking about is “next Question.centerX = centerX”. I came to this realization because you constraint “Current Question Label.centerX = centerX” with “current QuestionLabel CenterX Constraint” which changes “Current Question Label.centerX = centerX” to Current Question Label CenterX Constraint

I had to add the nextQuestion center constraint manually (so I could then replace it right away)…I don’t think the normal steps you take if following the book result in it being there.