requireFragmentManager is deprecated

What did you use instead? I know I can use transaction manager, but I’m not sure how. thanks.

Ohh. FragmentTransaction is also deprecated. k… now I’m a bit lost.

oh… use parentFragmentManager instead. Sorry folks but sometimes talking it through and asking questions helps to joggle the mind even if I figure it out myself.

I’m sorry, but what do we use instead? I’m a bit lost

Nvm, I figured out how to read the docs. They changed it to getParentFragmentManager(). So, the final code should be like this:

   dateButton.setOnClickListener {
        DatePickerFragment.newInstance( {
            setTargetFragment(this@CrimeFragment, REQUEST_DATE)
            show(this@CrimeFragment.getParentFragmentManager(), DIALOG_DATE)

I eventually figured out myself, but thanks for responding.