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Thanks for setting up this forum, I’m sure it will prove to be very useful. One question though: it would be very convenient to have rss feeds for the various subjects, or perhaps the total forum… will this be provided?


“Small Nerd”

OK, we’ll set up RSS feeds. It may take a couple of days – we are still figuring out this phpBB thing.

  • Aaron

Hi Aaron,

Sorry to bother you with this again, but is it already switched on? It would be so convenient to zip through new topics/posts with a newsreader…

Thanks again!

You should now have RSS feeds. Just look for the “Smartfeed” link in the upper-right navigation. By default it chooses “since last visit” in a key dropdown, so watch for that as you set up your feeds.

OK, the RSS feeds seem reluctant to pick-up new posts. Sorry. We are working on it. :frowning:

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