Same database already exists?


After completing the search view (the icon on the toolbar and the functionality of it) I was able to get the app running fine, however when I implemented the code on page 530 and 531 I was unable to bring up the app saying that the app has stopped. I checked logcat and I received the following error:

E/DBConnectionManagerAndroid: Same database already exists

I am not sure what I did wrong as I have spent hours reviewing my code and it is exactly the same as in the book. If you have an idea of what the problem or would like more information concerning the issue please feel free to ask.

NOTE TO THE AUTHORS: Fantastic work. I absolutely love the book and have nothing but positive things to say about it.


Can you tell me the listing name of each of those pieces of code?

Also, what is the full error message that you get? Is it a crash? If so, can you paste the stacktrace here?