Solutions & Errata

Solutions and errata for the 5th edition can be found in the GitHub repo:

If you are hip to git you can clone the repo, but you can also download a zip file by clicking on “Download ZIP” on the right hand side.

Solutions for exercises can be found in the folder corresponding to that chapter. Solutions to challenges are not provided, but we encourage you to discuss your challenge solution (or quest for a solution!) here on the forums. Each chapter has its own forum.

Errata can be read in

If you find new errata, please post it to the forum for that chapter and we will have a look.

This edition was written for Xcode 6.3 on OS X Yosemite 10.10 with Swift 1.2. As with any technology, as Apple releases new versions you may encounter surprises. Where possible we will update the errata to call attention to these changes.

Thanks for reading our book!

The link to the Errata page at … ogramming/ is still pointing to the 4th edition.