Stuck: Build error from page 192

This is the first of 8 chapters on HomePwnr and I can’t get past the build request on page 192. I get a clean compile but the build crashes. I think the issue is with the override of tableView(_:cellForRowAt:), which is at the top of page 192. I have downloaded the BigNerd project for this, but its version of this override function is different (maybe more current) and won’t even build.

Below is the stack trace and the file, ItemsViewController.swift. Since 7 more chapters are based on this, I’d REALLY APPRECIATE any help on this. I’ve tried a bunch of stuff and have googled around a lot for solutions, but I’m stuck. Thanks!

I figured out my problem. Just went too fast; RTFM.

From page 215, I’m getting errors the following errors. I’m using Xcode 9.0.1 so I’m wondering if that’s the problem?

Even “fixing” the errors doesn’t help…

declare “item”
before configure the cell with the Item:

    let item = itemStore.allItems[indexPath.row]