Sync Issue In Offline Android Apps


I’m developing an Android (5+) app which is to run on offline, non-rooted tablets. The app involves persisting a lot of state to a sql lite db which the user will ideally sync at least once daily with a JNLP app on a networked desktop. The problem I’m running into is that the tablets seem to drift in time causing the observations in the local db to be off. The end user recording the observations will not have access to anything but the app itself. I just didn’t account for this time sync to be an issue but now I’d like to be able to write some kind of utility that I can wrap around the observations which may be able to calculate the time diff and hence allow me to update the offline records prior to reconciliation and if possible, set the tablet’s faulty system time.

I’m looking at as a possible solution but will appreciate any pointers. Many thanks!