TalkBack experience


There isn’t much discussion for this chapter!

I bet like me, most people skipped the challenges.

TalkBack seems like a great idea, but is unfortunately very buggy - at least on my Samsung Galaxy S5. It was extremely difficult to unlock my phone with TalkBack enabled and I momentarily panicked thinking that I might not be able to unlock it at all. Using the on-screen keyboard was close to impossible - TalkBack continually insisted that I had pressed a key that I had not (on the other side of the screen) making text input close to impossible. I was very relieved to turn TalkBack off at the end of the main chapter content!

On YouTube there is a 6 minute video with 200,000 views explaining how to turn TalkBack off on the Galaxy S5. Read the comments for some amusement!


Agreed, not very user friendly fuction at all.Cant imagine the user experience for blind people.