The third clause of Challenge

hi, guys.

“Users can press NEXT until the
question they cheated on comes
back around.”

I don’t really understand what I should fix. There is no actually any bug here or I just don’t see it.
if user press
"CHEAT!" -> “SHOW ANSWER” -> back button -> “NEXT”, he won’t get any points for this question.
"CHEAT!" -> “SHOW ANSWER” -> back button -> “TRUE” or “FALSE” (depend on the right answer) - > “NEXT”, he will see the toast “Cheating is wrong” and again won’t get any points.

Can somebody explain me this task in other words, please?

Hey I think they mean that if you do CHEAT>SHOW ANSWER>BACK and then do NEXT until you come back to the same question, then the original program doesn’t remember that you cheated i.e. mIsCheater gets reset and so it doesn’t show you ‘cheating is wrong’

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