This is stupid but I am stuck! Please help

[code]#include <stdio.h>

int main (int argc, const char* argv[])
int sleep = 10;
if (sleep <= 8 ) {
printf(“You had a good sleep. \n”);
} else if (12 > sleep >= 8 ) {
printf(“You sleep too much. \n”);

} else {
    printf("You sleep too much and you should kill yourself. \n");


sleep is 10 which is less than 12 and more than 8 why doesnt it print “You sleep too much” ? Thank you.

I understand it now I reread the chapter I can use && to make it work. If this is complicated I wonder if ill even be a good programmer…

Don’t give up. Learning the syntax is hard. But once you’ve written a few programs on your own, it will become second nature.

Also, don’t try to remember all of the classes, methods and properties, Just keep the API documentation handy. Use websites like Stack Overflow and others if you really get stuck.