This was the answer to the first challenge


I seemed to get the correct answer to the question but I’m not sure I used the correct verbiage in the code. Any feedback?

#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc, const char * argv[])

// Declare the first variable called 'Variable1' of type float
float Variable1;

// Store a number in that variable
Variable1 = 3.14;

// Declare the second variable call 'Variable2' of type float
float Variable2;

// Store a number in that variable
Variable2 = 42.0;

// Calculate the third variable called 'totalSum' of type double
double totalSum;

totalSum = Variable1 + Variable2;

// Log that to the user
printf("Sum of TwoFloats is %f + %f = %f.\n", Variable1, Variable2, totalSum);
return 0;



Everything looks fine except that variables must be written in camelCase with the initial in lowercase.