Toast setGravity works on BareMetal but not on SVD

I was working on the second Challenge in this section and I want to display the result toast on top of the screen so it won’t overlap with the question answer toast.
However when I run it on SVD, the result percentage is still displayed exactly right where the normal toast is shown. I thought I messed with the code but apparently when I tested it again with my S9, it works just fine. Is this an SVD-related problem or is there anything else I need to know?
Plus there’s this other problem with SVD that I want to ask about. There is a short delay when the new toast comes out. It’s instantaneous on baremetal as far as I know.
Thank you for your clarification. That will help me a ton. I’m very new to Kotlin.

To make the context clear I will provide with my code:

if (answeredQuestionCount==questionBank.size) {
        var toast: Toast = Toast.makeText(this, "${correctAnswerCount/answeredQuestionCount.toDouble() * 100} %", Toast.LENGTH_LONG)
        toast.setGravity(Gravity.TOP, 85, 120)

And the screenshots on how it works: