TODO must be commented to test correctly

Page 402, listing 20.10 (printing version):

// TODO(“Not yet implemented”)

If not commented, Test cannot run correctly.
Because verify(beatBox).play(sound) in SoundViewModelTest.callsBeatBoxPlayOnButtonClicked() cannot be excuted and caused “kotlin.NotImplementedError: An operation is not implemented: Not yet implemented”.

So if you want to see the Failing test output in Figure 20.5,
TODO must be commented!!


The next paragraph says to delete the TODO if it’s added. But yes, just looking at Listing 20.10 is misleading.

Yes, comment exists on the same line of code like this.

TODO(“not implemented”) //To change …

But it may be confused, because in this case // is overloaded meaning, I think.
It can be imagined either line comment for explanation of code or order to add // to TODO.

Thank you.