UICollectionView Continuous Scrolling

Hey everyone!

Does anyone know a way to configure a UICollectionView to continuously scroll?

By this I mean, if I have a UICollectionView that has 10 cells that scroll horizontally. I want to scroll to the right and when I reach item ten, it starts over at item 1. Giving the appearance of a “wrapped” set of items in the view.


At WWDC 2011, Session 104 (entitled “Advanced Scroll View Techniques”), Eliza Block did a demonstration of an “infinite” UIScrollView that basically does exactly what you describe. The demo doesn’t use a UICollectionView per se (because this occurred before UICollectionViews existed), but since UICollectionView is itself a subclass of UIScrollView, the same techniques will work. If you’re a member of the iOS Developer Program, go watch that session’s video. Here’s a link to the WWDC 2011 videos: developer.apple.com/videos/wwdc/2011/

Awesome, thanks!