Unresolved identifier

having issues with the identifier on the simple application in chapter 1 6th edition
it took me a wile to figure out to not write “…” I’m reading and typing at once. here is my code so far i will include a screen shot and the code it seems my question and answer Labels are using the wrong identifiers
any help would be appreciated

thank you in advance

import UIKit

class ViewController: UIViewController {
@IBOutlet var questionLable: UILabel!
@IBOutlet var answerLable: UILabel!

let questions: [String] = ["What is 7+7?",
                           "What is the capital of Vermont?",
                           "what is cognac made from?"

let answers: [String] = ["14",
var currentQuestionIndex: Int = 0

@IBAction func showNextQuestion(_ sender: UIButton) {
    currentQuestionIndex += 1
    if currentQuestionIndex == questions.count {
        currentQuestionIndex = 0

    let question: String = questions[currentQuestionIndex]
    questionLabel.text = question
    answerLabel.text = "???"

@IBAction func showAnswer(_ sender: UIButton) {
let answer: String = answers[currentQuestionIndex]
answerLabel.text = answer
override func viewDidLoad() {
questionLable.text = [questionLableIndex]

self resolved spelling of “label” corrected the issue

Hello. I have the problem with “Quiz” application from first chapter. When I tap “Show Answer” button in iphone simulator I get the next:

I triple-checked my code, but still cannot understand why this hapenned.

Can you copy your code this way we can look over it. And help to debug your issue.
You can highlight
Command+A Selects all items in the active window (icon view), all items
in the column (column view), or all items in the list (cover flow
Command+C Copies selected items
Command+V Pastes items from the Clipboard
If you are like me you are learning a new operating system too

Going through what I have. Go to your show answer in the view controller screen and check the path of your show answer. show connections inspector and check there paths it sounds like the path for show answer is targeted for next question instead of show answer. i highlighted the areas you can check. please refer to page 16 making connections in the iOS programming book.