Vector Images, Best Application?

I’m very new to any designing of images. I looked at the ‘For the more curious’ section at the end of the topic and I just wondered what the cheapest option is to be able to create vector images? I know there’s Adobe Photoshop but is there anything else?
Thanks, Rhys.

Take a look at OmniGraffle.

Sketch is a great program for vector images. It also has a bunch of cool third-party extensions, including PaintCode (turns your Sketch file into Swift or Objective C code).

As a professional designer and illustrator for many years my choice would be Adobe Illustrator for vector artwork (beziers) and Photoshop for bitmaps (images). I would go get the oldest version you can find that will work with your computer’s operating system and buy it off ebay for next to nothing. The old stuff is still good, not bloatware, runs faster, and many features of the latest versions are unnecessary and stupidly expensive. I use to use illustrator 5.5 and 10 alot, i liked those versions. currently I use illustrator CS4 day to day, CS6 if i have to correspond with other designers, but the rented Cloud versions they do now i find a distasteful business model.

is there a way to take advantage of PaintCode also for custom UIControl like UITextfield or UIButton or we need to use the standard one and custom control’s view using PaintCode Style class ?

I meant if there is a way to have returned (by PaintCode in code) whole custom UI objects.

Hmm…sorry, I’m not sure I understand your question. You might check out the “StyleKits” video on this page, if you haven’t already. They’re using Objective C in the video, but have added some on-screen notes about how things differ in Swift.

It’s my understanding that with paintcode you have a StyleKit returned that you can use to custom all kind of views in your project. It’d be awesome to have returned the custom object instead (for instance a login form object with same UI as you designed in Sketch and ready to use)

As far as I know, something like your log-in form example isn’t possible. I can’t picture how that would get wired up. Although someone else may chime in and prove me wrong.

try Inkscape.
“is a free and open-source vector graphics editor; it can be used to create or edit vector graphics such as illustrations, diagrams, line arts, charts, logos and complex paintings.”