Weird item details editing behaviour

I can see the following behaviour when I edit item details and it does not matter whether it is the name, serial or value. When I change the string value and navigate back to the ItemsViewController, the changed string appears unchanged but if I go back to any item details and then back, only then I see the string changed. Tracing itemStore.allItems I can see the changed string is written to the array the same time it appears changed in the ItemsViewController’s view.

Here is my func viewDidDisappear in DetailViewController:
override func viewDidDisappear(_ animated: Bool) {

    // Clear first responder
    // "Save" changes to item = nameField.text ?? ""
    item.serialNumber = serialNumberField.text
    if let valueText = valueField.text, let value = numberFormatter.number(from: valueText) {
        item.valueInDollars = value.intValue
    } else {
        item.valueInDollars = 0

Any suggestions what am I doing wrong or missing?

Error on 2nd line:

override func viewDidDisappear(_ animated: Bool) {
        /* ??? --> */ super.viewWillDisappear (animated)

Should that not be `super.viewDidDisappear (animated)``` instead?

Thanks. That line is correct but the method shoud be viewWillDisappear. Now it works!