Who's this ibex10 guy?

Every thread that I look in I see ibex10 knocking questions out of the park left right and centre!

Not only that - every time ibex answers somebody’s question - He’s being nice about it?!?! What kind of forums are these?!?! Have I detoured out of the Internets?

I just wanna say thanks! You’re a breath of fresh air on a technical topic based forum!

I want to second that. Well done ibex10

Yea, you’re right. Every time (or most of the time) I come on this forum with questions or asking for opinions, ibex10 has helped me.

People can be divided up many ways. One of those ways are givers and takers. ibex10 gives in a big way here and it is good that I see others appreciating what he is doing, so I added my text here as well.