Why not list all urls in one src for @font-face?

In our declaration of the lakeshore font-face, why do we list one src and then follow that up with another src with several urls separated by commas? Does it have something to do with needing to add the format( ) part to the latter urls?

If all font files are accepted, would the last one (so the svg file) be the one that gets implemented?

Hi @ballgeier, the so called “bullet proof font-face syntax” has quite a bit going on that covers edge cases and syntax parsing differences across a bunch of browsers.

The CSS3 font-face syntax allows you to specify multiple formats of the font, and the browser will pick the first one it understands in the list (as opposed to the last one).

Hey I tried to download the fonts from the specified url.
But unfortunately it says that “404 error not found”.

PS: Immediate help needed.