Xcode version 5.1.1 differences with the book


Xcode version 5.1.1 does not give you the same options as the book shows when creating the new class. Also, it doesn’t give you the option to set it as a subclass of NSObject.
Any chance I can get some pointers on the correct options to choose when creating a new project?

I chose the “Cocoa Application” option, and on the options screen set the class prefix to BNRPerson. When the class is created though, it gets called BNRPersonAppDelegate.h/.m.
Is this expected? There are also some code differences when I go to add _heightInMeters and _weightInKilos into the header file, hence why I question if I chose the right options to begin with…



After a bit of Googling, I see why the .h and .m files are named BNRPersonAppDelegate.h/.m, but I’m still at a bit of a loss on how to create a Cocoa/Objective-C Class…

Any pointers would be appreciated…


Latest and greatest version of Xcode can’t be all that different.

It looks like you are creating a new project. When you create a new project, you can only enter the name of the project and a class prefix to be used.

If you want to create a new class, do File/New/File…

I’m using Xcode 5.1.1 and everything going fine
recheck what u r doing when recreate the book’s examples

I’m using latest version of Xcode and there are certainly some differences.

To create a new class I use the keyboard shortcut Command + N, as I don’t have the old header toolbar where ‘File’ and other categories were in my older version.
Also, the other notable difference is that I have to select ‘Cocoa Touch’ class rather than the old ‘Objective C’ class if I want to generate both .m and -h files at once.