Zack Simon's cheat sheet

Just bought the book.
In the acknowledgements you thank Zack Simon for updating the cheat sheet that is attached to the book. I was trying to fins this cheat sheet and could not find any.
Where should I look to find it? Just wondering

The cheatsheet should be the last page in the book. Here’s a picture.

Is this in your book? Where did you get your book?

I got mine from because they provide all the various formats: pdf, mobi, epub.

But, I did not get the physical book - so no cheet sheet found in the electronic version.

Can we get an electronic version of the cheet sheet? Where?


I’ll need to find somewhere official to host this. For now, you can download the cheat sheet here:

Thank you so much! And yes, I have got the electronic version of the book from, same as BobSmith, could not find the cheat sheet there.