About The book

Hey Guys,
I am new to iOS programming and doing well with iOS programming 5th edition book . But What i want that i want to get most out of the book . But problem is when i am moving forward i am not able to realise the things from earlier chapter’s . So my question is how can i get most out of the book … Or if I forget and working on app then should use book like reference book ? Please help me … Should use like reference book or a user guide?

Use the book to learn how to crawl.

Assuming that you are not new to programming:

  1. Read the book a couple of times and do the exercises;
  2. Read and digest Apple’s tutorials; then
  3. Practice, practice, and practice.

If you are still finding it hard and you really want to learn programming, find yourself a personal trainer.

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Thank you very much for your advise just crawling with the book and going to start some project’s … And i am not new to programming you are right …
Thank you once again practice practice and practice

If you know Swift, then learning from 5th edition book is relatively simple.