New Swift 2nd Ed and iOS programming 6th Ed


I Noticed that Swift Programming 2nd Edition & iOS programming is due for release soon on amazon.

Can any instructor give an idea if Swift Programming 2nd Ed has similar content to 1st Edition? Like number of chapters/ concepts of the chapters etc?


The Swift 2nd edition content is very similar, yes, although there are some new and rewritten sections. The big change is that it has been updated to use Swift 3 throughout.


Will there be a Kindle version? Amazon does not list it.


Does BNR have a trade in program for previous editions to encourage previous buyers to stay up to date on the latest editions?


Yes, there should be a Kindle version. I’m not sure why it’s not showing on Amazon, but you can find it here.


Sadly, we do not have a trade in program.


You could try taking it to your local book store and they should give you some cash amount for it.


What book should we read first? Seems like Swift would make the most sense at first, but is there a point where we should be reading them simultaneously?


Yes, the Swift book first if your new to the language (even if you aren’t, its got great content in it). Then iOS Programming.

I personally done this procedure: Finsh Swift Programming book. As I’m going through, I underline the main ideas. Then go onto iOS Programming book, and go through the swift book again but by reading the underlined notes only, and reprogramming the code through my own concepts. This way you can go through a whole chapter again quickly.

The iOS guide is like a tutorial book, so its a different model of learning. Its like being in a lecture, you have to revise the ideas after each chapter and take the ideas, then build an simple app based on the ideas you learnt.

If you go through a chapter in either one of the books, and you find you did not understand something, I suggest you go through it again and find some other resources before moving on. In some cases you can move on without understanding entirely the ideas in that chapter, but this is only when the authors ask you. However, you then will have to go back to that same chapter and see if you understand it now. Dont move on until you understand the current chapter, its a pain in the head when trying to understand the next chapters.

All this is just my opinion, and I think its great. I hope it helps.