Is anybody still using Objective-C programming 2nd edition?

I am going through Objective-C 2nd addition and now that I am on chapter 22 I do not see any recent posts in the discussion.
Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (2nd Edition)
Not only that, but the “answers” that appear there do not seem to be correct. Is anyone out there either still going through this book, or has possibly gone through the book and can re-join the conversation so I can get some feedback?


I just got the 2nd Edition Objective C Programming. I am way behind you at Chapter 6. I do hope to see more info in the forums.

A log time ago I wrote some useful programs in Basic. Then I got myself involved in Pascal for work. Then I got away from programming. Now in retirement, I want to learn Obj C and Swift so I can develop a few apps and get rich. Well everybody can dream.